Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Observational Post: The Friends Only Blogs

So I like to observe things in my everyday life so as to squirrel things away to possibly use in novels later.  People watching is a sport I take seriously in a non-creeper sort of way.  So it hit me I should post my findings here for later use and for others who may be in need of some inspiration. I will call these nuggets of wisdom an "Observational Post".  Here we go.

So while searching the web for blogs to read I came across a ton of "friends only" or "friend locked" blogs. This means the person has locked their entries where only friends can see them.  Now I admit I used to lock some entries on my LiveJournal mirror blog but after a while I saw it as almost childish.  What I was saying really didn't need to be hidden.  I mean I chose to blog because I wanted to share my life and thoughts with people.  So why did I need to lock some of them for friends only?  I didn't, so I stopped doing it.

Now don't get me wrong, some people need that option to protect themselves from trolls, but it makes me wonder about the other people who use the lock option.  Are they just paranoid?  What do they feel will happen if a stranger reads their post? Are they worried someone will find their location and stalk them? Are they worried someone will use what they typed against them?  Or are they just a private person. I really tried to get into the mind of these individuals and have come to the conclusion that most of these bloggers are in the age range of teen-20s.  From what I've observed, older bloggers tend to not care as much who reads their blogs and actually encourage strangers to stop by to read them.  So is it an age and confidence issue?  Does it all come down to worry over what one might think of you and what you have to say?  Its quite interesting to think about this, especially after the amount I came across. I literally found tons of them.  So I wonder why the appeal for them. I did get an idea to use this idea of friend locking in a future story to add a little bit of edge to a story.  Will have to see about that.

Ok, so I just wanted to share my findings real quick before I head off to bed.  Talk to you all later.  Be good until then. Bye for now.

Sleepy and headachey,

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