Thursday, May 30, 2013

Writing...I want to write.

Image From Free Digital Photos
So it's been a while since I have written here. I kind of felt I had nothing to write any more. I wasn't actively working on a novel and the only writing I was doing was for internet marketing, which was helpful in getting me to write everyday, but it wasn't writing I wanted to do. I was doing these things called quests on one site I am a member of and most of my articles came from the quests. Now I have over 100 articles and most of them I don't even want to work on because they were something I felt forced to come up with and not something I would have written on my own. But now the website is cracking down on sub-par work and articles are being locked for bad writing, and I had 8 of mine locked sadly.

So I stopped writing on those sites and I stopped blogging. Mostly because I felt due to my current life situation that I literally have nothing to offer. However, I have decided to bounce back and start writing again. I want to start working on novel writing, but this time through way of short stories, I'll explain that in another post. I want to start blogging again, here and on my other blogs that I will eventually have linked on this blog if you find yourself curious about my other interests. And I also want to start internet marketing writing again, this time just about topics I am interested in. I have stopped doing quests and that has made me feel better. But because I have stopped I haven't written anything since. But I have finally figured out that on one site I want to write about mostly holiday stuff since I love holidays, and on another site I plan to write mostly about dolls and crafts since that is another interest of mine. I will on occasion write about writing too, but I haven't decided which site I will put that on yet. But I want to work through all that here on my writing blog. I don't have any writing friends and so this shall be my place to sound off on all things "writerly", since mentioning it to other people kind of gets me a "pat on the head" response. And yes, I believe I just invented a word there, feel free to use it and pass it around. Perhaps in a few years it will make it into Websters and I can say, "I did that." *insert cocky smiley face here*

So I am going to make three most posts following this one explaining my individual plans for all three writing goals I have made for myself. Hopefully I should have those up today. I hope I get more readers here to stop by and share their writing adventures with me. I plan to become more active in the writing community, and I am looking forward to some online writing events coming up in the next few months. So hi again anyone who reads this. I'm back, and I'm ready to write.