Sunday, September 27, 2009

Word Update

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sharing what I learn along the way.

Ok, so in reading blogs of writers and agents I am learning a lot of valuable information. Some stuff I already knew, others not so much. It got me thinking about my blog and what I want it to ultimately turn into. I want my blog to be away to reach out to others about my writing, be it readers, writers, agents, whoever. But I don't want my blog to be just about me and my writing. I also want it to be about what I've learned and passing it on.

I'm a searcher and researcher, and I love to find out new information about something new I am learning. But sometimes some of the stuff I find is just by pure luck and some of the blogs I read don't really have a lot of readers or attention but the content is amazing. So I have decided to share the links and information I find as I go along for any one who just happens across my blog and aspires to be a writer like me one day.

For my first helpful link, I found a very interesting blog post on Write Well Me explaining about how writing is a process. I found this blog entry interesting because the way she described most people's mindset on how a writer writes is kind of how I saw it. I mean I have read some information about how you need to take a break after writing your manuscript before you start editing it to get a clearer vision of it. But the prewriting part, although I do make notes, I do it at the same time that I write. I think this is why my stories are not getting written. I need to outline, as much as I hate the thought of doing that, I need it. So I have a fresh notebook sitting next to me, with the title "Jumper" at the top, just waiting for fresh new ideas. I don't know if I should write my other typed notes in it or not. I guess I will, so I'll have them all together. I think better and write better when I hand write things, so maybe hand writing my notes will help me get a clearer idea of where my characters; Andrea, Maxwell, Cameron, and Andy, are headed. Its a crazy tale that I'm trying to write, but I just feel it could work if I could just get it down on paper, or computer screen.

So if you are having a hard time getting your words to flow, I highly recommend this blog post. Its short and sweet, but full of valuable information.

Writing away,

I know nothing about writing.

Ok, not 100% true, but I feel like it is. I am reading some blogs that belong to literary agents and honestly they are just shocking me as to how little I do know about the "biz". I'm glad I found them though, they are helping me, but its just shocking. I really think writing is what I want to try to get into...if my damned novel would just stop being a pain and write itself already, but its still just something so new to me. Its like learning something new for me when it comes to writing. I love learning new crafts, but its always slow for me in the beginning. I guess writing will be no different. *sigh* Back to blog reading and then returning to writing.

Writing away,