Thursday, August 5, 2010

I write like...

I had to do it again with a paragraph from "Jumper". I was worried it was sounding a little Twilight-ish but was surprised and delighted to see who...or is that whom...I wrote like.

I write like
Stephen King

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Stephen King!!! Yes, I'm excited about that. I will try this again and see who I sound like by the end of the chapter. I am thinking this chapter will have to be another complete rewrite. I have slacked on writing because of it. Been "afraid" of writing it. Does anyone else have that "fear" of writing? Worried you won't see what happens next or where the story is going? Yeah, that is what keeps me from writing more or continual. I need to stop this if I ever hope to be publish. Hummm. Well, back to writing some before bed. I picked up reading again as well today. A novel I had been working on while exercising. I paused in reading it because something the author did bothered me so much. There will be a post coming soon on that. First writing and perhaps some sleep. More soon.

Writing away,

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