Thursday, July 29, 2010

Monster High = Product Placement

Ok, so I just got done reading the prologue, the first chapter, the second chapter, and the third chapter to Monster High (the novel based off those cute dolls everyone has been going crazy over), and can anyone say product placement?  No seriously, every few words were practically plugging a brand name.  The story and from what I could guess of the plot were cute, but the product placement just kept getting me.  Are teens so materialistic that they wouldn’t “get” a story without Gucci, Uggs, and Calvin Klein being mentioned?  Since when did characters in stories become so materialistic?  That was honestly a turn off for me, and I thought to myself would I let my son or daughter read this novel, if i had either of course?  And I believe I would let them read it, but I would worry if this would make them want more instead of appreciating what they have or what can be afforded.  I don’t know, maybe I am thinking to much into this.  I just don’t think the story needed all the product placement in it.  It’s a good story so far.

But it also makes me wonder why they released so much of the story.  Are they worried it won’t be good or accepted?  Perhaps this is a thing the author already did in the past.  Not sure, I will be investigating her blog some more and report back.  But it does make me wonder about other YA/MG authors and if they plug a lot of products.  It’s been some time since I read YA, but that will be changing soon as I am planning to hit the library some time in the next week or so to check some out for research for my writing.  But tell me, what do you think about product placement in stories?  I mean mentioning the characters are going to McDonalds, which I am sure will show up in the story somewhere, is one thing, but mentioning over 10 different products in maybe 30-40 pages worth of novel is a bit much.  And a lot of them got repeat mentions.  So it just makes me wonder how others feel about it.  Maybe I am just getting old…I am turning the big 3-2 in a little over a week after all.  *tear*  I wouldn’t have minded product placements if they were made up items like J.K. did in the land of Harry Potter.  This story could have done that with monsters being the main characters…I’m assuming.  I won’t say more on that, go read the chapters to get what I mean by that.

Ok peeps, I’m off.  I need some sleep.  I want to get back to writing tomorrow, something I have slacked on for over a week now.  I want the rewrite done by my birthday…in a little over a week.  Wish me luck!  Ok, bye for now. 

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