Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chapter 4 is finally done!

So this rewriting/revising session wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be, and it’s sad that it was what kept me from moving forward in my novel.  I did have to slightly rewrite the chapter but I could keep a lot from the original, which was good.  It’s like my muse has woken up or come back from vacation.

Ok, speaking of muse, I’m gonna tell you something about myself.  So, other thank reading and writing, I have other hobbies.  Watching movies and listening to music are some of them, but another two hobbies I have are crafts and dolls.  I like to do crafts of all kinds, but have found myself lately sticking with fabric and needlework crafts.  As for dolls I like to collect them, customize them, and take pictures of them.  I recently saw a Live doll on Amazon for roughly 10 bucks that looks like a thinner more glamorous version of moi and I thought to myself, she could be my muse on several levels.  I thought if I had something to represent my muse to bounce ideas off of that I don’t really want answers to, what better than a mini me.  No people I have not gone insane, it’s just lonely talking to yourself.  LOL!  Hush you all, doll people would get it.  Any doll people out there to support me in this?  LOL!  But yes, I feel if the muse is here and present then I no longer have the excuse that she’s not here.  Unless of course I seriously messed up and my muse is actually a hunky male.  In which case, I may have to start all over then.  I’ll keep you updated on the muse front.

As for the novel.  I think I’m going to hop back in for chapter 5.  It’s a little less than an hour before the next live chat tonight at Writer On Con, and I have just enough time to make a dent on my work.  So I am off again.  Talk to you all a little later.

Writing away,

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smidge girl said...

I totally understand! I have a doll muse too! :) She sort of thinks the thoughts I'm too muddled to think clearly. If that makes ANY sense at all, lol! I'm dying to know who you got!

Congrats on moving ahead with your novel! Things are never as scary as you think, once you actually start doing them.