Sunday, October 25, 2009

Authors on Writing

So, in prep for NaNo, I wanted to read some writer's blogs and found this article through one of them about authors and how they feel about writing. Its shocking to read the different views from the different authors. At some point through the writing process I am all of them. There are times I loathe writing, while other times I love it. A lot of the time I am shocked and amazed at the words on the screen, wondering where I pulled them from.

It was refreshing to see that the feelings I have towards writing are not just my thinking, but are shared by other writers as well. Ok that sentence was odd for me. I don't consider myself a writer actually. I consider myself an attempting writer. Writer in training perhaps? Well, anything but actual writer. I feel a writer is someone who has something published. Until then we are just writers in training. I know other people feel if you write you are a writer, but I just feel you need something published to solidify that claim.

So anyway, the outlines for my novels are not coming along so well. I got lazy this month because I didn't want to face the task of working on the outline. I will have to do that daunting task of writing out all the scenes and character bios and ugh, I hate this part. I mean I like it also. I love coming up with characters and their backgrounds, but it is so hard to. Trying to figure out who they are and sometimes those bitches don't want to talk. Ahhhh!!! I got lucky because I am working on a series and these characters will be repeating for the most part in the other stories and I will only need to make up one or two bios per book for other characters or expand on some older characters as they change and their lives change.

This series I think will have a run-off series near the end of it. I plan to write about my young female character until she graduates. Then I will make her niece the focus of my novel attention who will be starting kindergarten, and my main character will do cameos.

Oh yeah, made a banner for my book. Just was bored one day and thought it would be fun to make one. What do you think?

I will need to make one for the second novel eventually. Not even sure what that adventure will hold yet and I only have a week left!!! Omg!!! Ok, today I will work hard on my outlines. I must have then done by Oct. 31st, since the family is planning a little Halloween moviethon. They know it must be done by midnight because I shall be typing away by then. Ahh, so excited about this. I'm scared too. I want to win. I want to finish both novels. I want to do it so badly, but I just don't know if I will make it this year. Last year was hard for me. This year will be hard also. I won't fool myself into thinking this will be a walk in the park. I guess I'm one of those writers who does not like to write the first draft. I am sure revising will be the fun part for me. But the initial first draft part is hard for me to do. Ughhhh!!! Ok, suck it up girl! Ok, I'm fine...or at least I will be fine. :-) Ok, gotta go, gonna work on some outlining. More laters.

Writing away,

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