Friday, September 10, 2010

In Wil Wheaton’s Words

So a friend of mine recently went to PAX in Seattle, WA, and while on  the phone with him on one of the days he mentioned he was on the way to the Wil Wheaton panel.  Now I hadn’t become very interested in Wil Wheaton until he showed up on The Guild.  But I loved his character he protrayed so much I grew a fangirl crush on him.  So I was jealous my friend got the breathe the same air he did.  LOL!  Anyway, Wil did a reading at the panel that someone got on camera and posted on Youtube.  This story he wrote about him and his wife just tugged at my heart strings and it’s just a wonderful story.  The way he wrote and spoke just had me in awe. I’d love to be able to write that way.  Though there were curse words in what he wrote it was still elegant.  Hard to explain really, so why don’t I just show you instead.

So I just had to share this.  I love the way he talked about his wife.  You could just feel the love he has for her through his words.  To me, that’s what good writing is.  You can feel your character’s/writer’s emotions without them really having to say it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Oh and if you haven’t checked out The Guild, I highly advise you do.  If you are a gamer you will love it.  And I’m off now.

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