Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Run out of steam.

And I have barely written anything today. I have been busy working on some busy work my dad has me do once a month. Well I just finished it a little while ago and it took up most of my day. Its almost midnight and I've only written 237 words. :-( I know, I can write a little more tonight and get started early tomorrow, but just so disappointing. I think I will try for tomorrow morning. I will do a little bit more and then hopefully knock out a chapter or two. I wonder how the people who are writing a million words this month do it? I mean sure some people type fast, but my thing is the thinking about their story and putting it on paper or screen. How do they do that so fast? My story is flowing pretty fast, but even I am having issues. Meh. Oh well. Stop complaining right? I will. I will take a little break then see what I can do before midnight and call it a day I suppose and get up early. I have yet to do my coveted morning writing. Miss that. Tomorrow hopefully.

Writing away,

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