Saturday, November 7, 2009

I finished my novel!!!

The first novel I wanted to complete this month is DONE!!! I literally finished it like half a minute ago. I'm so excited and happy but I also want to cry for some reason. Its weird. Such a mix emotions. Such a different feeling than with my Jumper novel. Wonder why. Oh well, I won't worry about that now. Right now I want to jump into novel two.

I am kind of worried though. My novel only had 21,867 words. I was hoping to get up to 25,000 words but its ok. Whatever words I have left over will go into a short Christmas story I have had in my mind for a while. So I am going to get started on my next novel now and work on it for a bit.

Woo hoo!!! So excited and proud of myself. My second "official" novel done, not counting the one I wrote as a teen in screenplay format. I plan on changing that one still. Its a great story, but it needs a lot of editing. A lot. LOL! Ok, back to writing. Bye for now.

Writing away,

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