Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting nervous and excited at the same time.

Ok, so I am closing in on the end of my second novel. So I am in a writing frenzy to finish because I just feel it in me to finish. Its just flowing from me after two days of not writing due to a really messed up stomach. But checking my word count, I think my story will come in under 20,000. Very upsetting to me. I don't mind that the novel is coming in short of words, because I will fatten it up in revisions, but I am worried in regards to Nano. I was hoping to at least make it to 40,000 words with the finish of this novel and only have 10,000 words to make up for. But I don't see that happening. I'm very pissy about that. I'm not sure what to write about after this, but I may try a chapter book once I finish this Nicole Merriweather book. I plan on doing some novels with her niece after I finish with Nicole Merriweather's story. I planned to have her story start as chapter books and grow with her readers. So I may just work on her first story after I finish this last chapter. I have plenty of time to do a bit of research, come up with a plot, and knock this story out. Not sure how long chapter books are so I may have to write several stories. I am so not feeling prepared, but I work well under pressure...most of the time. :-)

Ok, just wanted to update you on me and my writing. I will do more posting later on. Hopefully my next post will be me cheering that I finished my novel. :-)

Writing away,

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