Saturday, May 14, 2011

Script Frenzy

I completely forgot to mention it here, but I took part in Script Frenzy this year.  It was my second attempt at it.  I tried to do it the first year it came out, but I dropped out early on.  This year I started strong, then fizzled in the middle, then came out winning in the end.  It was an interesting experience for me, but I do not think script writing is my thing except for personal fun.  I’ll stick to novels.  They are more fun to write for me.

I saw a debate one whether or not Script Frenzy was easier or harder than Nanowrimo.  Here’s my take on it.  I think it flows a lot faster because you are writing 100 pages and now 50,000 words.  It just seems more doable in my mine.  A lot of the page can be filled up with white space and/or dialogue so that speeds things up too. If you outlined, which I didn’t, I imagine things speed up for you.  My experience, it was fun and fast and I wasn’t stressed when on the last day I was still finishing up my page count and came in with a mere few hours to spare.  Now with Nanowrimo, I am so stressed near the end when I still have some words to write and it’s the last day. Not sure why there was such a difference for me, but I found Script Frenzy fun and light where I find Nanowrimo work and stressful.  But I like both, I just don’t see myself do Script Frenzy again unless I want to have some fun or do something for a personal project related to a hobby of mine.  That is what my script this year was for, a hobby comic/photostory of mine.  So maybe it was easier because even though I didn’t outline I kind of knew where things were going.  Don’t know.

But yeah, just wanted to tell you guys I won it this year and when I use the script in the near future for my comic/photostory you are more than welcomed to check it out.  Well that’s all for now.  Talk to you all later.

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