Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Maybe I’m Not A Pantser

Ok, so I am trying to work on my newest novel, and I’m on page 25 of it, and I’m just so frustrated with it.  One, I’m still sucking, and two, it just seems like it isn’t flowing right.  But the thing is, if I were to leave this alone and come back to it in a couple of months I would laugh my ass off at the things I wrote…that’s a good thing.  So I guess I’m not that bad, just needing to figure out ahead of time what I want these people to do.  I hate outlining, but if I could just have a general idea what I want to happen in each chapter that would be good I guess.  I’m liking this story, just needing to know how to get to the end point.  But I worry having an outline might take away from the writing for me.  Ugh!  Just not sure what to do.  Ok, I’m going to try to do an outline for this current chapter and see how it turns out for me.  More soon.

Writing away,

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