Saturday, March 12, 2011

Script Frenzy?

Ok, so years when Script Frenzy started, I was all jazzed about it.  I so wanted to try my hand at writing a script, and decided to give it go.  However, when April 1st rolled around, haha the joke was on me, I couldn’t motivate myself enough to actually write a script.  So I didn’t do it and figuring script writing wasn’t for me, even though I have written several plays and a movie script once, I gave up on it and never tried it again.  Forward to 2011 and I got the email about Script Frenzy and thought, nah I just don’t write scripts and I’ll just wait for Nano.  But I kept reading about it all month, and how it was so easy to log in with my Nano login and it couldn’t be easier to participate.  Still I thought, nah not for me.  Then tinkering around with some dolls I use in a webcomic/photostory I am trying to work out the idea for it hit me that I need a script, I want it written fairly quickly, but I don’t have the motivation to force myself to write it out fast.  Humm…wait…Script Frenzy…in need of a script…no brainer anyone?  So I am reattempting Script Frenzy with some gusto this time.  The script I have mostly formed in my head, I just need to get it down and organized so I can “film” it all later this summer and get this project done so I can move on to another one.  So yeah, you know what I’ll be doing this April.  Smile  Should be fun.  Smile  Anyone else doing Script Frenzy this year?

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