Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What am I reading?

So I thought I would start telling you guys what I am currently feeding my brain.  Right now I am currently feeding it “As You Wish” by Jackson Pearce.

So far I like it.  I have already heard a little about it from going to her live show last week and reading a little of what people have said about it since then.  It hasn’t taken away from the reading experience because there is a lot to the story that wasn't mentioned.  To give it to you quick, it’s about a young girl who conjures up a genie and has three wishes.  She doesn’t want them to be “bad” wishes so she is taking her time making them.  The genie gives her tips on how to get a good wish, even though he knows helping her take her time on the wish making is aging him and keeping him from his beloved home.  He doesn’t know why he’s helping her take her time, but he just can’t bring himself to trick her to wish.  She’s already made her first wish in the part of the novel I am at, and so far she is liking the wish, but for some reason the genie is not so happy.  I’ll be reading more today to find out what happens when she makes her second wish.  I’ll do a full book review later when I finish the novel.  I haven’t been doing book reviews lately, but I have several that need one, and I like sharing my thoughts on the books I read.  So expect more of those to come here as well.  I need to bring some over to this blog from my other blog so some may be showing up sooner than you think.  Smile  Ok, back to outlining.  Bye for now.

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