Friday, August 21, 2009

Day one of a new writing challenge.

Ok, so here is my brand spanking new blog for writing. I think trying to put all my interests on one blog was a bit too much. So here I am to post about my writing. Quick note about my title. I didn't know what to name my blog. All the names I wanted were taken. So I decided to use the name the blog layout designer called the layout. I thought it was cute and fitting. :-) Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the blog to get yourself a cute blog layout.

I strive to be an author and have been doing so for years now. Only one problem. I haven't really tried to get published. Granted I have sent work in several times and never heard anything back from any of the places. So, I am still unpublished, but I have at least made an attempt to get published. But now I want to get serious about my writing and really start submitting my work for publication.

But I have been in a writing funk. I have several stories going and know I need to focus on one. I was working hard on my Nanowrimo story, and I still love the story and characters, I just can't finish it yet because the plot is getting sticky. So what I plan to do is give myself a break from it and try writing a novel that I came up with a little while back. Its going to be a story completely in blog format. I know, its been done before, but this will be a tale of fiction. I am going to be writing it up in a an actual private online blog that I will eventually give a few trusted people access to for reading and editing purposes. So I have decided to start it today and finish it by the end of September. Its not really meant to be overly long, but we will see when I get to the end of September how it will turn out. So I will update here on how things are going with it and posting bits and pieces from the story as well. That's about it for now. More later.

Writing Away,

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